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Manual Doors

Using the highest quality aluminium profiles March offer manual doors suited to any environment. Our aluminium doors are installed with concealed transom closers and bottom pivots designed for frequent use with low maintenance.

We can also offer thermally broken aluminium doors and frames, this along with low U value double glazed units give a great energy efficient option

Other features include:

  • Low profile thresholds for DDA compliance and

  • Round anti-finger trap back stiles.

  • Available in a wide selection of RAL colours and finishes.


Using the highest quality materials March offer options for both aluminium and toughened glass doors suited to any environment.



Thermally Broken Aluminium:

Where there needs to be a difference in external to internal temperature March offer thermally broken aluminium. The term “break” or “thermal break” means that it actually acts as a barrier to separate both sides of the aluminium frame (inside and out).

The thermally broken section is installed with high U value double glazed units to help combat the elements. Therefore, in the summer it will stop the heat and likewise in the winter eliminate the cold too.


RAL Colours:

There are over 200 colours on a European recognised chart called a RAL chart. All aluminium & metal work is available in every possible RAL colour to match any existing building colour.


Toughened / Armour Plate Glass Assemblies:

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass which is made by taking controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase the strength up to 5 times compared with normal glass.

Due to this being safer and stronger, toughened glass is used in a variety of different projects.  We can offer toughened glass manual doors are available in 10, 12 or 15mm options with a variety of different fittings available. We also offer full length top / bottom rails, available in a range of finishes including brushed or stainless steel. We also offer patch fittings which are a smaller alternative to a full-length rail meaning that you have a more frameless look.

All toughened glass doors are normally fitted with floor springs, these are fitted in the ground underneath the door leaf. Removing the need for transoms creating a pure glass aesthetic.

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