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Automatic Swing Doors

March offers a wide range of bespoke swing door options to make the most of your space and suited to your every need. From low energy swing doors, ideal for DDA entrances offering a great solution for disabled access for most buildings, to fully automatic entrances more suitable for retail and commercial openings. Our slim and stylish swing operator, only 85mm high, is installed on the transom above the door, connected to the leaf with either a push or sliding pull arm.

The intelligent and reliable microprocessor allows for many programmable features this allows us to set the operation to your needs. Durability and reliability make this operator perfect for heavy footfall scenarios like shopping centres and its silent operation also means it is easily suited to an office or care home environments.

Why Choose March?

March swing doors can be integrated with the latest in activation technology from push pads for disabled access or motion sensitive radars, to security access control devices from remote key fobs and video entry systems. The versatility of swing doors also easily allows them to be used with a wide range of electric or electromechanical locks such as Mag locks, strike locks or electric panic bars making this a great choice for secure entrances.

Our swing operators also allow us to retrospectively install to most existing swing doors allowing you to achieve DDA compliance in a cost-effective way.
Most existing manual swing doors can be adopted to automatic and turned into an automatic swing door. These can be installed in a wide range of environments, which include hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, and any type of private or publicly accessible building. Anywhere that has enough space to house a swing door for example shop fronts or indoors in corridors. Swing doors and automatic swing doors are some of the most popular products in our range as they are easy to install and very user friendly.



Swing Doors can be installed in most buildings such as hospitals, hotels, public buildings, shopping centres, care homes and many other entrance and exit types.  If there is not a lot of space available, swing doors are a good option as you don’t need any additional space to install the doors. Swing door and automatic swing doors operators are installed onto the actual frame on the transom and do not slide past frames or move anywhere else. Swing doors do however require an area in which the door can swing (swept area) and an area 1.5m to allow for sensor (automatic) activation. As they reside within their own frame and swing back and forwards, there is no real space limitations for them, so, they are a good and cost-effective option for almost anywhere.

Design and function

March swing door drive units are designed for high performance, maximum service life and extra-quiet operation. They are ideal for new installations and existing doors alike. They can operate both lightweight interior doors and heavyweight external doors, along with fire safety doors. They are certified to confirm compliance with the highest quality, safety and security standards.

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